Intel & Christopher Guest

For this project we worked with Christopher Guest (This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show) to create music videos that explain the benefits of a new suite of Intel technologies aimed at IT managers.

Are you ready to rock?

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It's Cuervo Season Baby

If drinking tequila were a sport, what would a television show dedicated to covering the action look like?

Tune In To Cuervo TV

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Jose Cuervo Presenta Cuervotón

The search for la nueva generciaón of reggeaton and hip hop latino.

Check the mic

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Welcome to Cuervo Nation

The #1 tequila-related tourist destination in the world.

¡Buen Viaje!

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AOL Mobile Site Redesign

For AOL Moblie we created a site that allowed people to learn, use and buy cell phones. AOL has many applications with mobile components (mail, AIM, Mapquest, etc.). The challenge is to educate users about the availability of these apps, and to help them navigate the complex landscape this product category. To address these issues we created a customizable dashboard that allowed you to load in a phone and see what applications worked with that phone, shop for phones that worked with the applications you were interested in, and manage the settings for all these applications in one place.

No Phone In Dash | Phone In Dash | Registered Phone In Dash

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Dannon Does Digestion

Everything you ever wanted to know about the friendly bacteria that live in your gut.


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Sony Vaio, SonyEricsson & Sony NetMD

It's always fun working on cool products, and over the years Sony has made some of the coolest. Here are some web sites and ads that we've done for them.

NetMD Eyeblaster | NetMD Ad

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ING New York City Marathon

In 2003 ING asked us to create a Web site to support their sponsorship of the New York City marathon. The site we built was a celebration of the extraordinary people who run the race, and the extraordinary environment in which the race is run. It was also a great resource for getting race history, finding the best viewing spots, learning about the philanthropic aspects of the race, and simply a way to experience the marathon without breaking a sweat.

View Site

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