Intel "What Makes an Athlete?"

This campaign celebrates hard-core gamers by treating them with the reverence generally reserved or professional athletes. The campaign examines the similarities between gamers and athletes, and positions Intel as the equipment of choice for people who want to excel in their "sport."

High Bandwidth Video Ads
World Class Team | All Star | Firece Competitors

30K Global Units
World Class Team | All Star | Firece Competitors

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Intel Consumer Advertising 2007

Over the years the processor has become less and less important to people who are buying new computers. People buy based on price, form factor, screen size, etc. For 2007 we created a campaign designed to educate people on the benefits of a good processor, and to specifically create preference for Intel processors.


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Intel & Christopher Guest

For this project we worked with Christopher Guest (This Is Spinal Tap, Best In Show) to create music videos that explain the benefits of a new suite of Intel technologies aimed at IT managers.

Are you ready to rock?

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Intel Enterprise Advertising 2007

Intel constantly brings innovative high-performance products to market, so we tried to make a set of ads that delivered on that promise. We used CGI to bring the product benefits to life, and we developed an innovative javascript that allowed the CGI to follow your cursor around the page, even when your mouse wasn't over the ad. The result was 10x the interaction rate of previous Intel online advertising campaigns.


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It's Cuervo Season Baby

If drinking tequila were a sport, what would a television show dedicated to covering the action look like?

Tune In To Cuervo TV

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Jose Cuervo Presenta Cuervotón

The search for la nueva generciaón of reggeaton and hip hop latino.

Check the mic

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Welcome to Cuervo Nation

The #1 tequila-related tourist destination in the world.

¡Buen Viaje!

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Jose Cuervo Ads 2005

These ads were done for Jose Cuervo shortly after winning the business. The first one performed well in a Dynamic Logic study. The second one was shortlisted at Cannes.


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Philips Norelco

If you like golf, electric razors or interactive ad banners, you'll love this CNN homepage takeover (and 2006 One Show finalist).


We also did ads to promote a rebate for a gift giving campaign, and a razor with a built in moisture system.

Rebate Game

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Vonage Direct Response Ads

In 2005 Vonage was getting a $1000 CPA on their interactive advertising. Their direct response campaign was feature and offer based, but it didn't have a lot of personality. We created a campaign that had the same offers, but was a bit more fun, and the CPA dropped to an average of $350.

Easy 1 | Easy 2 | Easy 3

Local 1 | Local 2 | Local 3

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Breakfast Brawl

I feel confident in saying that this is hands down the best morning-meal related advergame in internet history.

Get you brawl on

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Sony Vaio, SonyEricsson & Sony NetMD

It's always fun working on cool products, and over the years Sony has made some of the coolest. Here are some web sites and ads that we've done for them.

NetMD Eyeblaster | NetMD Ad

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ING MoneyMentor

In 2004 ING launched a site to help people get educated about managing their finances. They wanted to to make the site fun, but they didn't want to make it funny funny. Research had shown them that people don't like financial institutions to be funny with their money. In any case, these are the ads that we made to promote the fun, but not funny financial education site MoneyMentor.com.

Pie Chart | Fireworks | Symbol

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ING Product Avertising

ING has a much broader range of product offerings than the public is generally aware of, and each of these products has a variety of ways in which it can be used. For this campaign we wanted to show the products offered, and we wanted to demonstrate that each of these products could be tailored to an individual's particular needs.

Bull Rider | Juggler | Rockers | Number Crunchers | Pre-Roll

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Fresh Thinking From ING

ING had a very simple promise--they wanted to be thought of as a "Fresh Thinking" financial services company. The challenge was to create ads that behaved in a fresh manner. Each of these ads attempted to do something that had never been done before in the interactive space.

The first ad, Familiar, used the editorial on the page to help consumers learn how to pronounce the name of the company.

The second ad, Out of Your Way, disappeared completely after introducing the brand.

For the third ad, Countdown, we calculated the number of people in the U.S. who didn't know who ING was, and then set out to politely inform each and every one of them.

And for the fourth ad, Quotes, we built a live stock ticker that intermixed relevant quotations, based on market conditions and site placement, into the ad.

Familiar | Out of Your Way | Countdown | Quotes

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ING New York City Marathon

In 2003 ING asked us to create a Web site to support their sponsorship of the New York City marathon. The site we built was a celebration of the extraordinary people who run the race, and the extraordinary environment in which the race is run. It was also a great resource for getting race history, finding the best viewing spots, learning about the philanthropic aspects of the race, and simply a way to experience the marathon without breaking a sweat.

View Site

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Compaq NonStop® eBusiness

This interstitial was done in 2000, with Flash 3. It was a finalist for the One Show that year.


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